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Jean Franco Berrios Bachoir

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Facebook Page Roles and Permissions

There are six roles you can use to moderate your Facebook pages. They are:

Admin: Admins have total control of the page. They’re the only class that can assign and change others’ roles and they can post, edit, message, and view all audience data. Your social media manager and CEO should always have “admin” status.

Editor: Editors can do everything admins can except assign and change others’ roles. People who you’d trust to manage your full page should have “editor” status. “

Moderator: Moderators can create ads, access audience data, and—most importantly—remove comments and ban people from the page. Anyone who has to moderate discussions on a large company page should have “moderator” status.

Advertiser: Advertisers can create ads and access audience data. It’s a good designation for company partners.

Analyst: Analyst is the lowest class of Facebook role permissioning. It gives you access to audience data and tells you how customers are interacting with your posts. Everyone at your company should have “analyst” access, so as to have access to the latest customer interaction data.

Jobs Manager: Jobs Managers are people who have the same permissions as Advertisers, but who can also post jobs.

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